HOD & Faculty Members

H O D Profile

Ms. Thayyaba Khatoon MD
B.Tech (CSE), M.Tech (CSE), (PhD)
Associate Professor & HOD-IT

Ms.Thayyaba Khatoon Md, received her Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Masters in CSE from JNTU, Hyderabad and also Pursuing her PhD (CSE) from JNTU, Hyderabad, she is also a member of various professional societies like CSI,ISTE,IEEE. She has 10+ years of teaching experience with couple of papers in national and International Journals and Conferences. Her areas of interests are Data Mining. Presently she is associated with GNITC, Hyderabad as Head of the IT Department.

Department of Information Technology Faculty list 2017-18

S.NoName of the FacultyHighest Qualification & Year of PassingDesignationSpecializationDate of Joining
1.Dr.M.I.Thariq HussainPhDProfessorCSE3-7-2017
2.Dr.Venakata NarayanaPhDProfessorCSE20-08-2017
3.Thayyaba Khatoon MDM.Tech (PhD)Assoc. ProfessorCSE2-6-2014
4.Ms. M.V. Anjana DeviM.Tech (PhD)Assoc. ProfessorCSE20-6-2007
5.Ms. P.PadmaM.TechAssoc. ProfessorCSE1-6-2014
6.Ms. KareemunnisaM.TechAsst. ProfessorCSE12-9-2011
7.Mr. Ch.RavindraM.Tech (PhD)Asst. ProfessorIT5-12-2011
8.Mr. Venkateswarlu BM.TechAsst. ProfessorCSE16-9-2013
9.Mr. Manik Rao patilM.TechAsst. ProfessorCSE17-9-2011
10.Mr. Poorna Chander VeldeM.TechAsst. ProfessorCSE1-7-2008
11.Ms. P. SriLakshmiM.TechAssoc. ProfessorWT12-6-2014
12.Mr. K.Anil KumarM.TechAsst. ProfessorCS20-2-2017
13.Kiran JeediM.Tech(PhD)Asst. ProfessorCSE19-6-2017
14.Aparna RajeshM.Tech(PhD)Assoc. ProfessorCSE19-6-2017
15.Siva Rama KrishnaM.TechAsst. ProfessorCSE1-6-2017
16.M.AnushaM.TechAsst. ProfessorCSE31-8-2017

Non Teaching Staff

S.No Name of the Faculty Designation
1 Ms. Sucharitha Programmer
2 Ms. N Kiranmayee Programmer
3 Ms. Zohanna Programmer
4 Ms. Swathi Reddy Programmer
5 Mr. R Raju Programmer
6 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Tiwari Office Assistant
7 Mr. Raju Attendar