HOD's Message

This is an era of electronics revolution. In almost all fields electronic gadgets are used. These gadgets are designed by electronics design engineers according to the requirements in specific fields. The department is mainly aimed to provide the hardcore exposure on hardware and software used in electronic gadgets, circuitry and various communication techniques. We impart training to our students according to market needs by involving them in the projects beyond the university curriculum. The students are engaged in the tasks which are helpful to provide an exposure to latest technologies used in electronics and telecommunication industry. For this student are given projects from 3rd semester onward implementing the subject knowledge that they gained in the semester. Utmost importance is given to impart good quality technical education along with moral values. A conducive atmosphere is created to enable the students to enjoy the maximum benefits out of the available state-of-the-art equipments and fabulous infrastructure.

Dr. M.A.Khadar Baba, PhD, MIEEE, MISTE
Professor & Head of the Department