Vision & Mission of GNITC

Defining broad and well-known institution’s goals for success can help staff make informed decisions in the best interests of the institute. Steps when defining a goal for a institution’s plan include setting mission statements and a vision that will help guide the organization in achieving its planned goals. An institution’s vision generally includes how the institution intends to change the world, and the mission statement defines the company business that will make the envisioned changes.

For institution’s goals to be successful, they must be achievable and memorable. Visions and mission statements are the parts of the institutional management process that determine the core values and function of an institution, including ethical principles upon which the company functions. A concise, achievable mission statement can help lay down framework for making plans to successfully advance the institution. Using emotional, moving language in these statements can help make them more meaningful for the members of the institution.


To be a world–class educational and research institution in the service of humanity by promoting high quality education in Engineering, Management and Pharmacy.


M1: Develop the faculty to reach the international standards.

M2: Maintain high academic standards and teaching quality that promotes the analytical thinking and independent judgment.

M3: Promote research, innovation and Product development by collaboration with reputed foreign universities.

M4: Offer collaborative industry programs in emerging areas and spirit of enterprise.

M5: Improve employability potential through soft skills and technical skills