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Business in their Blood working together has only strengthened this Father-Son duo's relationship

For the last two decades, Talvinder Singh Kohli and his son Gagandeep Singh Kohli have been nurturing students in the fields of engineering, pharmacy, management and dentistry. After starting out in the automobile industry in the 1970s and then moving to real estate and construction in 1986, Talvinder Singh Kohli ventured into education in the year 2001 by establishing the Guru Nanak institutions — growing from just 300 students in the first year to nearly 10,000 today. The founder and Chairman of the Guru Nanak group of institutions says, "Being from North India and Punjabi —entrepreneurship is in the blood." A philanthropist, entrepreneur and social worker, Talvinder Singh, who along with his son Gagandeep Singh Kohli runs the institute, says, "It's been great to work with and be a part of the information and knowledge imparting industry, especially the education sector." Over the years, many changes have occurred —competition has become intense and the size of some markets have shrunk. "Due to the arrival of many competitors, the existing players were compelled to venture into new markets, but for the consumer, it's a winwin situation. They have got more options to choose from at lesser prices and can also get a chance to experience new products which helps the economy of that particular market by way of providing jobs," says Gagandeep, who did his Bachelor's in Computers and an MBA from Queen Mary University, UK.


Talvinder Singh sees a clear benefit of having his son on board — elevated loyalty. "There are certain liberties taken because he's my son. There may be confrontations, but always healthy ones because he considers it as his business too." The Kohlis credit their business success with knowing and respecting each other's strengths. "My dad is a visionary. It's always beneficial to have our own people at strategic positions and my father is there to guide, help and motivate me, there is no match for him. Over the years, our business has also shaped our bonding wherein it's getting stronger as the years go by.

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