MISSION: The Mission of this club is to preserve, promote and disseminate all forms of art and culture.

VISION: The vision of the Cultural club-YOUtsav is to provide a supportive environment for the interested students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for while attending Guru Nanak Institutions. It is our vision that we will share information and resources and that information will flow throughout all the departments increasing students’ interests and participation in all the events.

Areas Of Interest/Functions: The club will mainly concentrate on different types of festivals, cultures in state as well as country wise.

  • Telangana: Bathukkamma
  • Maharastra: Ganesh Chathurthi,Gudi Padwa
  • TamilNadu: Pongal
  • Kerala: Onam
  • Uttar Pradesh: Janmasthami
  • Punjab: Lohri, Baisakhi
  • Bihar: Chatt Puja
  • Assam: Bohaag Bihu (or) Rongali Bihu
  • Gujrat: Navratri(Dandiya & Garba)
  • West Bengal: Durga Puja
  • Nepal: Dashin Puja
  • South Sudan: Mawlid An-Nabi ,Independence Day (July 9)
  • Nigeria: Independence Day(October 1), Calabar Carnival
  • Traditional days like Onam,Pongal etc with traditional attire will so be a part of our club.
  • Highlighting of Heterogenous Cultures of various parts of India and other countries will be a part of our club.


President: Sharan Palle,GNIT-MECH-Karnataka

President of the club will be planning, organizing, and carrying out responsibilities associated with the club’s function.

Vice-President: Vaidehi,GNITC-CSE-Maharastra

The main duty of the vice president is to assist the president and other club members in completing their duties.

Secretary: Nancy,GNITC- Pharmacy-Punjab

Secretary duty will be in ensuring meetings are effectively organized and maintaining effective records and administration.

Treasurer: Cauvery Ganesan,GNITC-CSE-TamilNadu

Treasurer will be responsible for collecting and jotting down all the funds if received by the club and using them for future use. Prior approval from the GNI management will be taken for any sort of fund collection.

Content Writer: Shalini Mishra,GNITC-CSE-Nepal

When the events are conducted all the main points of the events will be jotted down and content will be prepared based on that particular event and that will be posted on the official page of GNI and club on instagram, twitter and facebook.

Recruiter: Sahaja GNIT-CSE-Telangana

This person will recruit students according to their interests and what sort of club they want to get into

International PR: Michael Jada,GNITC –Pharmacy:

This person will recruit International students according to their interests and what sort of club they want to get into.

Media Head: Abhishek Siddhanth,GNITC-CSE-Telangana

All the photos will be sent to this media head person and those photos with appropriate content given by the content writers will be uploaded on the official page of our club.

Event Manager: Shashikanth,GNITC-Mech-Telangana

This person will be incharge of planning, organizing, and executing all types of events conducted by our club.

Coordinator: Adarsha,GNITC-CSE

This person will coordinate with other students if they have any doubts regarding any event conducted by our club.

Advisor: Kundan Sharma,GNITC-CSE-Telangana

Advisor will help in planning and developing of any event. Encourage meetings that are run in an orderly, efficient manner. Consult with individual students, when necessary. Consult on programs.