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List of PhD’s -GNITC

S.NoName of the FacultyDesignationBranchDomain
1Dr. H.S.Saini Professor & Managing Director CSE Fuzzy Logic
2Dr. K.Venkata Rao Professor & Director CSE Cryptography and Network Security
3Dr. Rishi Sayal Professor CSE Data mining
4Dr. Geeta Tripathi Professor & HOD 2 CSE Wireless Networks
5Dr. M.V.Narayana Professor CSE Mobile Computing
6Dr. Chinappan Antony Professor CSE Cloud Computing
7Dr. Ch.Ravindra Assoc Professor CSE Machine Learning, Wireless Sensor Networks
8CH. Subbalakshmi Professor and HOD CSE-CS/DS Data Mining
9Dr. S.Madhu Professor & HOD CSE (AIML)/AI&DS Wireless Networks
10Dr. Harish Kundra Professor & Dean CSE (AIML)/AI&DS Artificial Intelligence / Natural Computing
11Dr. Syed Omar Ballari Professor & HOD Civil Engineering Transportation Engineering
12Dr. P.Jagadeesan Professor Civil Engineering Structural Engineering
13Dr. Avuthu Narender Reddy Assistant Professor Civil Engineering Structural Engineering
14Dr. K. Srinivas ReddyAssistant Professor Civil Engineering Structural Engineering
15Dr. Raghuveer NarsingAssistant Professor Civil EngineeringWater Resources
16Dr. P.Parthasaradhy Professor &Joint Director EEE Embedded Systems
17Dr. Y.V.Balarama Krishna Rao Professor & HOD EEE Power Systems
18Dr. K.S.Chandragupta Mauryan Professor & Assistant Dean (R&D) EEE Reactive Power Optimization
19Dr. K.Ratna Kishori Assistant Professor EEE Power Electronics
20Dr. S. Rajendar ReddyAssistant Professor EEE Power Quality
21Dr. S.Maheswara Reddy Professor & HOD ECE Image and Video Processing
22Dr. B.Kedarnath Professor ECE Wireless Communication
23Dr. Vikas Maheshwari Professor ECE Microelectronics & VLSI Design
24Dr. A Mohan Professor ECE Expertise in Embedded IOT Systems
25Dr. Md.Rashid Mahmood Professor ECE Microwave Communication and Image Processing
26Dr. SMKM Abbas Ahmad Professor ECE Wireless Communication-Ad Hoc Networks
27Dr. Santosh Kumar Dwivedi Professor ECE Radio Frequency and Microwave Communication
28Dr. T. SrinivasuluProfessor ECE ECE
29Dr. Sandeep Patil Assoc Professor ECE wireless communication
30Dr. Harpreet Kaur Assoc Professor ECE Image and Video Processing
31Dr. Raja Rao Ch Assoc Professor ECE Medical Image Processing
32Dr. Anitha B Assoc Professor ECE Wireless Communications
33Dr. B.Mythily Devi Asst Professor ECE Low power VLSI DESIGN
34Dr. Komal Jaiswal Asst Professor ECE Microstrip Patch Antennas – Design and Feeding Techniques
35Dr. P Laxman Asst Professor ECE Internet of Things
36Dr. Anjrbhan ChatterjeeAsst Professor ECEOptical Network
37Dr. M.I.Thariq Hussan Professor & HOD IT & IOT Pattern Mining, Mobile Computing
38Dr Shaik Harun Rasheed Professor & Associate Director Pharmacy Targeted Drug Delivery Systems specifically Niosomes and Ethosomes
39Dr. P.Gomathi Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Medicinal and Phyto Chemistry)
40Dr. Sayyad Mustak Professor and HOD of PharmD PharmD Pharmacology and Toxicology
41Dr. Vakkalagadda Ravi Kumar Professor and HOD of B.Pharm Pharmacy Phytochemistry and Pharmacology
42Dr. Segu Prathyusha Associate Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Sciences
43Dr. Chandan Mohanty Associate Professor Pharmacy Controlled release drug delivery system
44Dr. Sandip Sen Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Chemistry
45Dr. Balakrishna Vuyyala Assistant Professor Pharmacy Immunopharmacology
46Dr. K.Parameshwar Assistant Professor Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Science (Transdermal drug delivery system)
47Dr. Rambabu Palabinde Assistant Professor H& S (Chemistry) Organic Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry
48Dr. Uppula Purushotham Assistant Professor H&S (Chemistry) Computational Chemistry
49Dr.M.Sudha Rani Assistant ProfessorChemistryHetrocylic Chemistry
50Dr. B Ashok KumarAssistant ProfessorChemistryHetrocylic Chemistry
51Dr. Srinivasarao YaragallaAssistant ProfessorChemistryChemistry of Carbon Nano materials and their Polymer nanocomposites
52Dr. Shahid Shafi ShahAssistant ProfessorChemistrySurface Chemistry, Computational chemistry, Waste water treatment
53Dr. S V Ranganayakulu Professor of Physics & Dean R&DPhysicsMaterial Science
54Dr. V.K.D. SrinivasuAssistant ProfessorPhysicsAtmosphere/Ionospheric Physics
55Dr. Anoop SinghAssistant ProfessorPhysicsElectrochemical Sensors (Physics)
56Dr. Mehraj ud din RatherAssistant ProfessorPhysicsMultiferroic Materials and Energy Storage Devices
57Dr. Eliyash AhmedAssistant ProfessorPhysicsFirst Principle Calculation, Electronic structure and Molecular Dynamics
58Dr. M. SangeethaAssistant ProfessorPhysicsNano composite Solid Polymer Electrolytes
59Dr. Neha GuptaAssistant ProfessorPhysicsPhotonics
60Dr. Sanjeev kumarProfessorPhysicsDielectric materials
61Dr N RajuAssociate Professor & HODMathematicsStatistics &Advanced Operations Research
62Dr.G.Srinivasulu Goud Associate Professor & HODMathematics Operation Research (Goal programming)
63Dr. Karnati Veera ReddyAssistant Professor MathematicsFluid Dynamics
64Dr. Reena DeviAssistant Professor MathematicsFluid Mechanics
65Dr. N. AmarAssistant Professor MathematicsFluid Dynamics
66Dr. N. SrikanthAssistant Professor EnglishEnglish Language Teaching
67Dr Parvaiz Ahmad BhatAssociate Prrofessor EnglishEnglish Language Teaching, Post Colonial Literature
68Dr. B.Kishore Assistant Professor English English Language Teaching
69Dr. Manzoor Najar Ahmed Assistant Professor EnglishContemporary Literarture (Specifically Child Narratives), Discourse Analysis and Language Acquistion
70Dr. M.Maheswaran Assistant ProfessorEnglishIndian writing in English and Communication Skills
71Dr. M.Maheswaran Assistant ProfessorPhysicsIndian writing in English
72Dr. A Raj Kumar Professor/HOD and Additional COE Mechanical Engineering Thermal Engineering
73Dr. Prakash Babu M Professor Mechanical Engineering Advanced Manufacturing Systems (Tool Condition Monitoring)
74 Dr. M Anjaiah Professor Mechanical Engineering Advanced Metal Forming, Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing
75Dr. Ananda Mohan Vemula Associate Professor Mechanical Engineering Sheet Metal Forming, Advanced Manufacturing Systems
76Dr. D.Rose Mary Associate Professor MBA Humane Resources
77Dr. Chokkamreddy Prakash Asst Professor MBA Finance
78Dr. Ravi Sankar Kummeta Associate Professor MBA Finance
79Dr Kingston JegnathanAssociate Professor MBA Mass Communication
80Dr. Ch.Naresh Asst Professor MBA Finance
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