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MoU’S and Partnership Programs

MoU with Honeywell:

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Honeywell to set up a centre of excellence for Microsoft Data Analyst. A COE is designed to drive innovation and improvement, and as a central function, it can break down geographic and organizational silos. We at GNI really work towards making students hone upon the skills that are required for the corporate sector, and this COE is in line with our focus. This COE will also be focusing on making women empowered.

MoU with Ziroh Labs:

Data encryption prevents unauthorized users from accessing your precious data. Whether you send data over network wiring or look at it on your disc at home, data encryption ensures that your files stay safe and locked. We at GNI understand this issue and the consequences attached to it. To prevent this, GNI is setting up an exclusive Data Privacy Lab, which will be powered by zunu software developed by Ziroh Labs. This lab will empower all the students and staff to share their data over any medium without having to worry about data theft. Guru Nanak Institutions Hyderabad is the First Institute in South India for starting Data Privacy Lab.

MoU with Polmon:

GNI and Polmon Instruments Pvt Ltd inked a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a special collaboration aimed at increasing student understanding and engagement through knowledge-sharing sessions given by Polmon's top specialists and assisting students in obtaining internships and placements.

MoU with Neucon Aerospace:

At GNI, we constantly strive to provide our students with industry veterans as mentors. Forming partnerships with top businesses is one of the best ways to build relationships and close the gap between academics and industry. One such partnership is with Neucon Aerospace, where GNI students will have the opportunity to study from some of the best scientists, defence experts, and brightest minds in the business. They will also get the chance to apply for internship and employment possibilities with Neucon in addition to this.

MoU with Sakthi Auto components:

Sakthi vehicle Components has been growing its production capacity and is one of the top producers of vehicle ancillaries. We at GNI have an agreement in place with them for knowledge-sharing sessions, internships, and placements that provide our students with access to the newest advancements in manufacturing. Approximately 60–70 students from core disciplines participate in internships and placements with them each year.

MoU with Indian Eagle:

GNI has teamed with Indian Eagle, a travel-related business. They are a well-known company that offers its customers the greatest overseas vacation booking experience. The entire software system, which maintains customer records and networks with all airlines worldwide, was created in India. Indian Eagle is providing internships and placements for GNI students.

MoU with Gradious Technologies:

GNI works tirelessly to upskill its students in order to meet future demand for quality, skilled professionals as the hiring market becomes more competitive and demand for fresh graduates declines. We are committed to preparing students for careers in the industry. To achieve this, another initiative that we have taken is to tie up with Gradious Technologies, wherein two centres of excellence are being started on software development and DevOps engineering.

Under these centres, the students will get trained on cutting-edge technologies for four months, afterwhich they will be absorbed into the industry on dream packages.

Wipro TalentNext Program:

IT major Wipro Ltd. has collaborated with good colleges across India to launch the Wipro Talent Next Programme for upskilling 10,000 students from engineering colleges across India. The move is a part of Wipro’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, TalentNext, which aims to enhance the quality of engineering education by preparing faculty and academic leaders to train students.

The programme is a new-age initiative to bridge the industry-academia skill gap and help students keep pace with the emerging technologies—artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, cyber security, and the Internet of Things (IoT)—to make them future-ready. GNI has partnered with Wipro to execute this programme for the students through Wipro-certified faculties.

MoU with New Mark Group:

We have signed an MOU with New Mark Group USA for student internships and final placements into the organisation. Under this MoU, New Mark will every year pick up the best lot of students to undergo an internship with New Mark, after which they will get the opportunity to get a PPO

(pre-placement offer). During the internship, the students will hone their skills, which are required to sustain themselves in the corporate world. This memorandum of understanding will not only benefit the students but the organisation as well.

Virtusa MoU with Guru Nanak Educational Society:

GNI has gone one step ahead in making IT workforce ready for day 1 productivity by bagging CoE on Java Full Stack Development by Virtusa wherein Virtusa will be training the students on Java Full Stack and absorbing them at the end of the training/academics. The students will be exposed to front end, back end and integration. This technology is in high demand in the market as it cuts down cost for all the organizations.

Benefits to the Students:

Give students a head start in the dynamic world of IT Completion of industry pre-requisites makes them equivalent to a candidate with one year experience vis-a-vis Green field training (minimum 3 months; can get extended by 6 months) Candidates can move into fast track career progression, which gives them an edge over others. This also helps them in preparing for the next level pre-requisites, thereby moving up the ladder much faster.

Dhoot Transmissions MoU with Guru Nanak Educational Society:

GNI has tied up with Dhoot transmissions for making productive workforce in the field of manufacturing and R&D. Through this MoU, Dhoot transmissions will help mechanical and electrical students get trained on latest manufacturing techniques and tools. (Moreover these students will get first mover advantage in the hiring process. Dhoot transmissions have 6 plants in Maharashtra. They wanted to diversify and build cross cultural facility to boost productivity and GNI is helping them diversify the workforce as GNI itself is a multicultural campus.

EPAM MoU with Guru Nanak Educational Society:

EPAM Systems Inc. is a Global Product Development, Digital Platform Engineering and Digital Product Agency with Fortune 1000 Clients located around the World. The company expertise included Financial Services, Travel and Consumer, Software and Hi-Tech Business Information, Media, Life Sciences and Health Care as well as other

Industries. EPAM plans to increase its Indian work force three times to 5400 employees. To achieve this target EPAM has started Pre Education Program (PeP) to reach out to Colleges to hire fresh Graduates in their Pre Final Year so as to get the best talent. Pre Education Program is a combination of online webinars and one on one practice session. PeP sessions will be taken by Senior Architect, Senior Product Development Engineers from EPAM.
Guru Nanak Educational Society (GNES) signed MoU with EPAM for Training and Hiring students of 2021 batch through Pre Education Program wherein 100+ students will be trained through a combination of one on one hands on practice sessions and online webinars. Students on completing these sessions will be assessed by EPAM for the role of Software Developer. Selected Students will be offered up to 6 Lakhs package to start with.

MoU with Multiplier Solutions:

We have signed MoU with Multiplier Solutions for students internship, Guest Lectures and final placement into the organisation. Multiplier Solutions Pvt. Ltd has been our regular hire and with this MoU we are able to inculcate the skills which the organization requires on the initial stage and give the company ready made product.

MoU with Datawise:

We have also signed MoU with Datawise for engaging the students in internship programmes, delivery of expert lectures and placement into the organization. This MoU has given boost to our students career prospects.

MoU with Barclays:

We have also signed MoU with Barclays for training the students on behavioral aspects and life sciences so as to make them corporate ready. This programme is also free of cost for the students.

MoU with Aricent-NASSCOM:

GNI has also signed MoU with Aricent-NASSCOM for training its students from circuit branches on technical and behavioral aspects. This training is for 300 hrs and is free of cost. After the training the students get placement opportunities as well from NASSCOM.

MoU with Cyient:

GNI has signed MoU with Cyient for hiring and training students of engineering this year. This is a unique MoU signed with only few top colleges all across India and we have the honour of being one amongst them. This MoU also enables the college to have knowledge sharing sessions from the best industry personnel for the overall development of the students.

GNI signs another MOU with Berkadia (Warren Buffet Company) for training students on software development and then hiring them as Software Developers.
MoU with Berkadia:

GNI has signed MoU with Cyient for hiring and training students of engineering this year. This is a unique MoU signed with only few top colleges all across India and we have the honour of being one amongst them. This MoU also enables the college to have knowledge sharing sessions from the best industry personnel for the overall development of the students.

Infosys Campus Connect Programme:

Campus Connect is an Infosys sponsored industry-academia collaboration program to align engineering student competencies with industry needs. Infosys, in this Campus Connect program, shares with academia its mature technology training methods, courseware, student project samples and other such learning resources that have been developed, practiced and perfected over the last 15 years. Campus Connect helps the students in applying their learning to practical situations, with special emphasis on teamwork, project management, cross functional networking and effective communication.

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