Labs & Facilities

Inauguration of Centre of Excellence at Guru Nanak Institutions
Centre of Excellence: “Computational Civil Engineering” was inaugurated by Mr. Vivek B. Gadgil, Chief Executive and Managing Director, L & T Metro Rail Hyderabad on 06/09/2014 at Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering and Technology, Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus, Ibrahimpatnam. This centre of excellence consists with 24 BENTLEY’s Academic Perpetual offering Solution; The list of softwares include Structural solutions like STAAD Pro, 3 D CAD design, MXROAD (Transportation solutions), 3D IMAGING & MAPPING Solutions, BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING solutions and WATER & WASTE WATER solutions. These applications are useful for construction organizations. GNITC is the first institute to place entire range of products provided by Bentley Inc. USA. The management is magnanimous in sanctioning Rs. 20 lakhs in establishing the state of art Computational facility for the benefit of the students. The students are trained on these applications from second year to final year (i.e., all semesters) to enhance their computational knowledge in the Civil Engineering and improve their employable opportunities. Mr. Vivek B. Gadgil appreciated the management and department for establishing the latest applications in the field of Civil Engineering. Later he advised the students to take active participation in learning these technologies to make them market ready for employment and undertake the project works using these technologies. He asked the students to apply the knowledge gained from these softwares keeping the subject basic fundamentals as a backdrop. He emphasized the students to remember and gain expertise in domain knowledge, soft skills and hard work in order to succeed in their careers. Students enthusiastically interacted and clarified their doubts with Mr. Gadgil.

The department is well equipped with State-of-the-Art laboratories and infrastructural facilities. The details are as under:


  • Strength of Materials Lab
  • Survey Lab
  • Fluid Mechanics & Hydraulics Machines Lab
  • Engineering Geology Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Geo-Technical Engineering Lab
  • Concrete & Highway Lab
  • AECS Lab

Strength of Materials Lab

Following are the machines/equipments in this lab:
1. Impact Tester,
2. Torsion Testor
3. Rockwell Hardness Tester.
4. Brinell Hardness Tester.
5. Strain Measurement Module.
6. Simple supported beam
7. Cantilever beam
8. Spring Testing machine
9. Compression testing machine
10. Continuous Beam



Following are the equipments Used in this lab:
1. Total station
2. Theodolites
3. Theodolite (El)
4. Autolevel with stands
5. Box sextant
6. Chain (20 m)
7. Chain (30 m)
8. Cross staff
9. Dumpy levels
10. Levelling staff
11. Plano meter 700 mm
12. Plane table set
13. Prismatic compass
14. Pegs
15. Ranging rods (2 m)
16. Tape 30m


Engineering Geology Lab

Mineral & rock specimens, Set of minerals, Brunton compass, Magnifying glass, Horseshoe magnets, Streak plates, Clinometer compass, Structural geology models, Plastic plate, Pen knife.


CCE Auto cad lab

SYSTEMS, UPS, Software - 24 nos, Peripherals.

Environmental Engineering lab

D.O analysis meter, E.C TDS analysis meter, Digital nephelometer, PH meters, Turbidity meters, Conductivity meter, D O meters , Jar test apparatus , Digital balance, Water distillation system, Desiccator 8" glass, BOD incubator, Hot air oven, Digital C.O.D Digester, Digital colorimeter, Digital flocculator, Glassware, Chemicals.


Concrete & Highway engineering lab

Aggregate Crushing Value apparatus, Aggregate Impact test, Los Angeles abrasion testing m/c, Deval attrition Apparatus, Vicat Apparatus, Compaction factor apparatus, Vee bee consistometer, Elongation gauge, Flakiness gauge, Ductility test Apparatus, Ring and ball Apparatus, Standard penetrometer, Pensky - Morten's Apparatus, Rebound concrete hammer, Slump cone test Apparatus, Weigh balance, 150 kg, Moulds of Various sizes, Marshall stability apparatus.


Geo technical engineering lab

Triaxial compression test , Unconfined compression testing m/c, Direct Shear apparatus, Core cutter apparatus with rammer , Compaction test apparatus, CBR test Apparatus, Consolidation apparatus, Electronic balance capacity 20kg, 600 g, High speed stirrer with dispersion cup & Baffle, Liquid limit device (Motorized & Manual), Overhead tank, Permeability Apparatus, Oven (Digital indicator) with safety alarm, Rammers (Light & Heavy), Sand pouring cylinder & Brass Sieves, Vane shear apparatus.


Center of expertise in Geomatics

SYSTEMS - 35, ups. Software - Arc GIS 10.2 V., 2 AC Units

Center of excellence in Computational Engineering

SYSTEMS - 35, ups. Software - Bentley Suite 24 nos , 2 AC Units