Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance

Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Assurance is a broad subject area that includes qualitative analysis, quantitative analysis, their method validation and analytical method development for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), natural products, pharmaceutical formulations, excipients, impurities etc to meet their current quality standards laid down by global pharmaceutical regulatory bodies. 

Last few decades there have been magnificent and significant advances in analytical instrumentation with computerized data handling devices across the world. Recently pharmaceutical analysis plays vital role as necessary integral component even greater horizons than the actual prevalent critical analysis APIs, natural products, pharmaceutical formulations, excipients and impurities. The fundamental reasons for the legitimate surge in newer evolving methodologies in analysis of drug substances are perhaps due to tremendous growth in progress of pharmaceutical analysis towards achieving one ultimate aim i.e “Quality Drugs for a Healthy World”.

To train the students as pharmaceutical analyst, who are required by pharmaceutical industries and government drug laboratories with updated knowledge and skills to cope up with international pharmaceutical standards. The training emphasis given to students to acquire theoretical understanding of concepts in analytical chemistry and, to connect concepts to the regular practice of analysis of drugs and their formulations. Main training focus lies in terms of mathematical, computational, instrumental, analytical method validation, analytical method development, their problem solving, and trouble shooting skills at work place.

Pharmaceutical analysis laboratory is equipped with appropriate ultra modern and sophisticated instruments for analysis of the bulk drug and its various formulation as per official compendia like IP, BP & USP etc.

Career Prospects:

After obtaining degree in M.Pharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis) course, Students have wide range of opportunities to work in quality control or quality assurance departments of pharmaceutical industries as analytical chemist and executive in bulk drug, natural products, and drug formulation industries and to work as scientist in analytical method validation and analytical research development department of pharmaceutical industries. The job opportunities also possible in government drug testing laboratories as analyst or as chemist or as scientist.

Intake of students: 18

Duration of course­ 2 years

Syllabus: Download