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Message from Director

The mission of our Institutions is to enrich our society through education. This motivates the work of every stakeholder here at GNITC. The classroom technology and the teaching-learning method have evolved at a dazzling pace. The biggest challenge is to establish honest conversation in order to fix the broken link of education. Education is the defining issue of present time, crucial to everything from personal opportunity and social mobility to world peace and prosperity. To bring about the transformational change in the education system through dedicated work in order to provide solution to long standing problems, strong and disciplined leaders in the form of teachers are needed. This is the opportunity, which our Institution is prepared to seize with diverse outlook and approach. While we at GNITC strive to provide our students with the best supervision, guidance and support, we also expect our students would engage themselves in the academic pursuit with rigor, passion and determination as success is reaped by those only who diligently sow their seeds and nurture their work.

The Institute is committed to create an ambience for nurturing innovation, creativity and excellence within its students. We, at GNITC Ibrahimpatnam, strongly support interdisciplinary research and development for the benefit of Industry and Society In the age of globalization, to build a truly different institution of engineering and technology in GNITC , an institution with a marked difference in quality to serve the local people in global arena. Our aim is to build an effervescent community of engineers, where faculty and students are cronies in a mutually inspirational education process, engrossed in learning.

Today, GNITC is positioned to make key contributions to the advancement of technology solutions and sustainability research and to help lead the way toward sustainable growth of technological resources. The institute is preparing the next generation of leaders who will carry this path forward in the years ahead.

The career prospects of the engineers and technologists are wide-ranging and fulfilling. A well-trained engineering graduate will be equally competent in research and professional positions, drawing upon his analytical, practical and problem-solving skills. But we aren’t just about the technology. We look for, and develop creative problem solving strengths in our students; at the same time, we encourage students to grow as effective team players, with a strong set of ethics, communications skills and zeal to outshine.

On a final note, I request all to take care of themselves and their families during this difficult time of COVID crisis. This too shall pass, and we will again embark on our journey to make GNITC as one of the best academic destinations of our nation.

Dr. Koduganti Venkata Rao

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