Enchant Tech Enhance Smart

VISION: This club was created with the sole purpose of honing technical skills of our club members and other students and also introduce new technologies to students. This club also helps the students in completing their individual project with the help of senior developers (mentors).

MISSION: The major objective of this technical club is to create a work environment where the students can share and develop their technical perceptions.

Facilitate foster networking with alumni, industries, institutions and other stake-holders.


To conduct and visit various technical workshops such as hackathon, seminars, conferences and various events.

To develop student’s path by providing industrial exposure and guidance by mentors and people of influence.

To conduct various activities like quiz, break the code etc.. Which helps the students to know where they are standing when compared to other students and in which areas they have to improve themselves.

Information about club members:

President: Adnaan Arbaaz Ahmed
  • - Winner of titles "TECHNOPHYLE" and "CODEBRARY"
  • - Published a journal on "CLOUD COMPUTING-Security Issues and Challenges" at International Journal For Advance Research in Computer Engineering and Technology (IJARCET)
Vice President: M.Bhanu Teja
  • -Keen interest in technology made me to attend numerous competitions like Hackthon, in which noticeable number of add-on's are made.
  • -Alongside possessed with fine leadership qualities
Secretary: Nimesh Khulal
  • - The research background and experience in different field of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) helped me to be in the TechMatz.
  • - Got selected for a project at NASA
Technical Head: Durganath.Rajesh
  • - Is a certified Information Security Auditor by Hackers School at EC Council and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
  • - Published a journal titled “ANALYSIS OF ETHICAL HACKING” at 5th International Conference on Knowledge Collaboration in Engineering (ICKCE-2018)
Event Coordinator: Janmanchi Mohana Krishna
  • - Prime of atiSRSTI-an innovative team
  • - Winner of Cognos at Sudhee and root of Lead@Read -blog of technology and lunatic posts
Treasurer: Aleshwar Rahul
  • -My accountability and managerial skills made to be part of TechMatz
Promotional Head: Lakshman Sharma
  • -My communication skills and the network i have made me to be a part of TechMatz
Manager: K. Adithya
  • -Precise decision making skills at any point of time
  • -Excellent stand in organizing and managing
Advisor: Karandeep Singh Chabra
  • -My ideology makes me to be a part of TechMatz
Advisor: Abhishek
  • -My ideology makes me to be a part of TechMatz