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We are pleased to announce that the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (AI&ML) and AI&DS at Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus (Autonomous) is conducting a one-week online Faculty Development Program (FDP) on “ETL-KAFKA/TALEND” from July 1st to July 6th, 2024, for academicians, scholars, and students.
About the FDP:
The vision of this FDP is to enhance the quality of education imparted in institutions by providing faculty members with a platform to learn all they need to know about ETL-KAFKA/TALEND. Educators will learn best practices in these domains to teach the future workforce the required skill sets.
FDP Objectives:
To provide an understanding of the basics and advanced features of Kafka and Talend.
To offer hands-on experience in ETL processes using these tools.
To enhance the teaching capabilities of faculty in data integration and transformation techniques.
FDP Outcomes:
Faculty will gain comprehensive knowledge of ETL processes using Kafka and Talend.
Enhanced ability to teach ETL concepts and tools effectively.
Development of sample projects that can be used as teaching aids.
Topics of FDP:
Introduction to ETL
Kafka and Talend
Apache Kafka on a Single Node
Multiple Clusters on a Single Node
Kafka producer to produce messages to a topic
Sending messages synchronously and asynchronously
Developing Kafka consumer
Subscribing to a topic and consuming messages
Partition and replication factor settings
Simulating fault tolerance by shutting down one broker
Observing the cluster behavior
Kafka Connect
Kafka Integration with the Hadoop Ecosystem
Dates of FDP: July 1st to July 6th 2024
Timings: 2:00PM to 4:00PM

Registration fee:
Academicians: 500/-
Scholars/ Students: 250/-
Registration link: https://forms.gle/LLzaHQHoaeAw775z8
Registration deadline: 29th -June-2024
Resource Person: Mr. Raja Yashodare, Senior Developer,HP-Bangalore
For More Information Contact: +91 9505645737, +91 9553552112
Co-coordinators: Mr. Maria Joseph,Asst. Prof.,AI&ML, GNITC
Mr. P. Pavan Kumar, Asst. Prof., AI&DS, GNITC
Coordinator: Dr. S. Madhu, Prof. & HOD-CSE(AIML) and AI&DS, GNITC
Co-Conveners: Dr. Rishi Sayal, Associate Director, GNITC
Dr. S V Ranganayakulu, R&D Dean, GNITC
Convener: Dr. K. Venkata Rao, Director, GNITC Dr. P. Parthasaradhy, Joint Director, GNITC

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