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Major & Minor Research projects

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Name of the Principal Investigator/Coordinator Funding Agency Grant-in-aid Value(in Lacs) Category of the Project Title of the Project
Dr. S V Ranganayakulu BRFST under DAE under Nuclear Fusion Programme 29.55 Electronics Establishment of Acoustic Emission Technique for quality assurance of SS Materials and other NDT methods Sanction letter No. BRST/NFP/2012/FEB/N/02 Dated: 05.04.2012
Dr. S V Ranganayakulu AICTE 17.00 Materials Science & Engineering NDT Evaluation of Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering Materials Ref. No. 8023/RIFD/RPS-58/(POLICY-11) (PVT)/2011-12 Dated : 15.02.2012
School of Pharmacy Principal AICTE 8.00 Institute level Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC) F. No. RFID/EDC(13)/2011-12 Dated : 24.02.2012
School of Pharmacy Principal AICTE 4.00 Institute level Industry Institute Partnership Cell(IIPC) Ref. No. RFID/IIPC(5)/2011-12 Dated : 21.02.2012
UGC Minor Research Projects

UGC – SERO sanctioned an amount of Rs.45.66 lacs to 18 Faculty members to pursue the minor research projects for the duration of 2 years (i.e., 2014 – 2016). Details of the projects are mentioned below-

Executed Minor Research Projects during 2015 - 2017
S. No. Name of the Principal Investigator Department Title of the Project Sanctioned Grant in Rs. in Lakhs
1 Dr. V. Satyasundaram F. No. MRP-6213/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01 2015 Computer Science & Engineering On the security of trustee based social authentications 0.60
2 Dr. S V Ranganayakulu F. No. MRP -6252/15/(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01.2015 Physics Ultrasonic Investigation studies and Characterization of Nano Fluids 4.60
3 Dr. S S S Muntazvali F. No. MRP-6168/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01.2015 Civil Engineering Use of remote sensing and GIS tools in water shed development 3.35
4 Dr. B Veeranna F. No. MRP-6130/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01.2015 Civil Engineering Study on emerging problems related to spatial variations in urban living conditions 3.95
5 Dr. K Ashok Reddy F. No. MRP-6066/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01 2015 Mechanical Engineering Heat Transfer Studies in an S-Shaped Coil Heat Exchanger using Nano fluids 4.00
6 Mr. E V Ramana F. No. MRP-6216/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01 2015 Mechanical Engineering Comparative study of Data Mining Tools for Knowledge Extraction, Process control and Quality improvement of injection Molding 2.40
7 Dr. A Raj Kumar F. No. MRP-6239/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01 2015 Mechanical Engineering Performance and analysis of bio diesel blends with diesel 1.65
8 Mr. C Hemasundara Rao F. No. MRP-6226/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01.2015 Electronics & Communication Engineering Design a CAD system based on image fusion to detect the tumors 4.50
9 Dr. S Sivaiah F. No. MRP-6253/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01.2015 Mathematics Heat And Mass Transfer Problems In MHD Flows by Finite Element Method 2.15
10 Dr. G Srinivas F. No. MRP-6259/15(SERO/UGC) Dated: 28.01.2015 Mathematics Finite element analysis of heat sources in convective heat transfer with viscous dissipation 1.50
11 Mr. Ravula Parameswara Rao F. No. MRP-6254/15(SERO/UGC) Dated : 28.01.2015 Pharmacy Design Microwave assisted synthesis and antiproliferative activity of pyrazole derivatives as novel vegfr-2 inhibitors 4.40
12 Dr S A Srinivas F. No. MRP-6243/15(SERO/UGC) Dated : 28.01.2015 Pharmacy Thiolated chitosan preparation, characterization and its application for formulating pharmaceutical dosage form using an api 4.20
13 Dr A Nageswara Rao F. No. MRP-6246/15(SERO/UGC) Dated : 28.01.2015 Management Studies A Study on effectiveness of skill development programmes by central government for rural youth in Hyderabad 0.50
14 Dr V N Santhi Sree F. No. MRP-6032/15(SERO/UGC) Dated : 28.01.2015 Management Studies A Study on prospects of Chit fund industries in south India 1.36
Executed Minor Research Projects during 2015 – 2017
15 Mr. M Venkata Ramana Reddy F. No. MRP-6259/16 GEN/(UGC-SERO) Pharmacy Design of Microwave assisted synthesis and antiproliferatie action of Quinazolinone derivatives as novel LFA-1/ICAM-1 interaction inhibitors 0.90
16 Dr Tribhuvan Singh F. No. MRP-6799/16 GEN/(UGC-SERO) Pharmacy Design and Synthesis and Biological Screening of novel 4-Thiazolidinones against pheritima posthumous Heliminthesis model 0.80
17 Mr. B Srinivas F. No. MRP-6412/16 GEN/(UGC-SERO Chemistry Design and synthesis of novel metal organic frame works (MOFs) for CO2 and H2 gas storage and separation applications 1.50
18 Dr. N Bhasker F. No. MRP-6402/16 GEN/(UGC-SERO) Chemistry Development of novel Synthesis methods for spirooxindolylcyclonexanone derivatives 3.30
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