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Extra Co-curricular Activities at GNI

75th Republic day celebrated at GNI on 26th January, 2024

The 75th Republic Day is celebrated with pride and reverence at Guru Nanak Institutions on 26 January , 2024. The ceremony commenced with the honorable Dr. K. Venkata Rao, Director of GNITC, hoisting the tricolor flag. Dr. Renuka, Principal of Guru Nanak Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Col (RETD.) A M A Majeed, GM (Admin), and Dr. Harish Kundra, Dean of Students and Faculty Affairs of GNITC were also present on the occassion.

Following the flag hoisting, the National Anthem was played, paying tribute to the motherland. The celebrations included an address to the students and faculty by the institute's Director. Listening to and singing patriotic songs triggered various emotions in the students and faculty members alike—pride, love, and respect for the country. Heads of various departments, faculty, staff members, and students were present on the occasion.

The management of the group congratulated students and faculty members on the occasion. No celebration is complete without instilling pride in us for the fact that “Saare Jahaan se Acchha Hindustan Hamara.”

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurpurab was celebrated at GNI on 20 November 2021 with revere.

"Burn worldly love, rub the ashes and make ink of it, make the heart the pen, the intellect the writer, write that which has no end or limit."
Was said by Guru Nanak Dev ji 552 years ago, which is still followed in Guru Nanak Institutions.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1469-1539),the founder of the Sikh Dharma (Sikhism), which is based on a belief in one god and on the rejection of idolatry and caste distinctions. He is considered as one of the august religious thinkers ever. Every year GNI celebrates Gurpurab with lots of adulation. Honorable Chairman of GNI Sardar Tavinder Singh Kohli, Vice Chairman Sardar Gagan deep Singh Kohli and Managing Director Dr. Harvinder Singh Saini attend the Gurupurab Celebrations along-with their Family members, Faculty, Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff and Students from Different Cultural Backgrounds of GNI.
The Guru Granth Sahib ji Maharaj central religious scripture of Sikhism, regarded by Sikhs as the final, sovereign and eternal living Guru following the lineage of the ten human gurus of the religion was brought from Vanasthalipuram gurudwara. The celebrations started with Sukhmani sahib prayer, Kirtan Ardas and felicitations-followed by Guru ka Langar.
Special attraction of this year's Gurpurab celebrations was the participation of NSG COMMANDOS.

A team of 4 students from "GNI Space Research Club" presented their idea of "CubeSat for Near Earth Objects Detection" to ISRO

ISRO organized World Space Week and conducted a design competition on 7th September 2020 for Engineering students of Telangana, Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry. It was based on the theme - "Science and Technology relating to Space."
ISRO shortlisted 44 teams from South India.
A team of 4 students from "GNI Space Research Club" presented their idea of "CubeSat for Near Earth Objects Detection" to ISRO which was shortlisted for the final round on 9th October 2020. They presented their idea in PPT and Video form to a panel of ISRO Scientists through an online meeting. Their performance in the finals won them the 2nd Prize.

Helping hands are better than praying lips. Yes! We rise by helping the needy.

Helping hands are better than praying lips. Yes! We rise by helping the needy. There is no other great task in the universe than filling an empty stomach. Many people are suffering with hunger and are unable to feed even the kids due to the lock down in the country. Understanding the condition of such needy people, GNI came forward to help them.

GNI has donated 5000 kilo grams of Rice in Khanapur village, Ibrahimpatnam on 29th of April 2020. Col. Rajesh - GM Administration, representing GNI has taken the lead to accomplish the task successfully following social distancing. The people supported by this great initiative are all happy and thankful to the GNI Management.

Winning 1st Prize in Athlema – 2020

GNI Congratulates, its students for winning 1st prize in Athlema – 2020. A National level volleyball tournament organized on 14th & 15th Feb, in which 30 teams participated.

All Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

A team of 25 students have designed, fabricated and tested ATV. General Manager (Administration), Col. Rajesh Kumar & Dean of Mechanical Dept, Dr. G. Sankaranarayanan launched the vehicle on 22/2/2020. They have participated in FMEA - ATV competition on 23/2/2020.

GNI Congratulates, Our Basketball & Football team for bagging 1st Prize in KHELO@BHARAT - 2020

GNI Congratulates, our Basketball &Football team for bagging 1st Prize in KHELO@BHARAT--2020. An event is conducted on 25th & 26th February in which 24 teams participated from various colleges.

Report On Ideation Day

Ideation Day was conducted on 20th January’2020 in seminar hall (P.G.Block) as per the guidelines of MSME.The students of Engineering, Pharmacy and Management were presented their innovative and creative ideas. Dr.M.I.ThariqHussan, Professor in IT, Dr.S.P.Yadav, Professor in ECE and Dr.Sankara Narayanan, Dean of Mech. Engg were adjudged the ideas presented by the students. Dr S V Ranganayakulu, Dean – R&D was coordinated the event. Totally 72 teams of various streamsare registered for this event and 54 ideas were presented by the students. All the presented ideas have been evaluated in terms of Novelty, Technology, Societal and Commercial parameters. 20 best innovative ideas have been shortlisted among the presented ideas.

A campus visit of 50 plus Intermediate students of Shardha Junior College from Mahabubnagar was organized on 28/01/2020

Students have Interacted with Dr. M. Ramalinga Reddy (Director) & Dr. R. K Singh (Associate Director)
Dr. S. V. Ranganayakulu (Dean R & D) briefed them about different career options and various streams available. Mr. Amit Bhalla (Assistant Director, Admissions) briefed about GNI. Students were shown the facilities of the campus and were also briefed by GNI experienced faculties about the various career opportunities available to them.
Students were delighted and felt motivated to Join GNI in various courses offered by GNI...

Report On Australia Tour

GNI organized the 6th Educational Tour to Australia with a group of 8 students accompanied by Dr. H. S. Saini, Managing Director of the Institution in the month of January 2020. GNI students had been to countries like the United States of America, Australia and Singapore as a part of the five Educational tours in the past five years. The tour started on 13 January 2020 from Hyderabad, continued for eight days with sightseeing and university visits in Sydney and Melbourne. The students were reinvigorated on this 8 days tour. The students returned from the trip on 21 January 2020.

In these 8 days the students got the opportunity to visit the University of Sydney, Sydney where Mr Sean Douglas gave them a tour to University and Deakin University, Melbourne where Mr Bri Gunn guided them. At the university the students got exposure about various new trending techniques like Internet of things, Individual robot models which could be programmed and virtual reality technology to send robots where human intervention is not possible, MBA students had a live trading centre, their studying methodology and college infrastructure which they found very fascinating. The crowning experience for students was sightseeing. They got the opportunity to visit, The Blue Mountains and Wildlife, enjoyed rides on a cable car, railway and skyway, Harbour Bridge, Beach visit and a memorable visit to the Great Ocean. The Great Ocean Road is 80 km long which took 7 years of building time. On the way to India via Singapore transit, they also visited Canopy Park, Singapore. Overall students were overwhelmed with this tour as they covered two of the largest cities Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. It was another successful tour as our students returned with a wide smile and being more confident.

GNI Bagged 2nd place in State level Inter Engineering college Basketball tournament on 28 &29 Jan 2020 at KPIT where 16 teams participated.

GNI Bagged 2nd place in State level Inter Engineering college Basketball tournament on 28 &29 Jan 2020 at KPIT where 16 teams participated.

Guru Nanak Institutions team secured 1st Place

GNI Congratulates, GNITC Football Team who has participated in JNTUH -Zone-D tournament. In this tournament, 22 teams participated, out of which Guru Nanak Institutions team secured 1st Place.

Republic Day -2020 Celebrations in GNI

The 71st Republic Day was celebrated by Guru Nanak Institutions in all its solemnity and grandeur at GNITC I year Block on 26th January 2020. The event began at 9:30 am with the hoisting of the Indian National Flag by the Dean-GNITC accompanied by Col. Rajesh (Retired), General Manager-Administration and followed by the National Anthem. The students saluted the National Flag and pledged themselves to uphold the honor and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “India”. Dr.A.K.Goel, Dean-Academics, GNIT; HoD& Dean-Mechanical-GNITC, Dr.Alex Stalin, HOD-IT, GNIT; teaching Staff, Non-teaching staff and the students were the part of the program. Col.Rajesh and other dignitaries delivered their address highlighted the significance of the day, and made the students aware that the future of their country lies in their hands. Hence they need to study well and inculcate good values in life, which will help them to be good citizens of the country. They also emphasized the need for improvement of their Communication and technical skills and their role in the advancement of Science and Technology which paves the way for the country’s development. Students and faculty enthused the gathering with patriotic songs and speech.

Industry Visit At Coca-cola, Miyapur, Hyderabad

Faculty accompanied by 100 students, reached Coca-Cola plant on 25.10.2019. Mr.Suryanarayana Raju ,Manager Joined with students & moved to plant to view the processing of 600 ml coca-cola drink. Firstly, students were taken to bottle processing plant and shown them the raw material which is used to prepare 600 ml bottle, which they procure from an outsource unit at Pune. Bottle processing takes three steps

  1. Blower
  2. Rinser
  3. Filler

Used bottles will be inspected using a technique called ASEBT(ALL SURFACE ELECTRONIC BOTTLE INSPECTOR) bottles with a friction level of 4 mm roughness will be a level of acceptance. Per minute 600 bottles will be inspected.

Ingredients: Water (the main source of raw material)+CO2+Sugar+added flavor. They have suggested that Maza is the only drink which consists of natural flavor, extracts from TOTHAPURI & ALPHANSA mangoes. Hence, it can be consumed as it possesses extracts from natural ingredients. Carbon filters are used to remove residuals from water followed by U.V.ray exposure treatment done through EFT|(Effluent Treatment Plant). Main season to matchup demand with supply is FEB to JULY.
It’s really worth watching Coca-Cola Processing unit as it has got totally automated. Students were so enthusiastic and expressed happiness for being part of this visit. We presented a memento to Mr. Suryanarayana Raju as a token of gratitude . We are thankful to you for permitting us to visit coca cola unit.

Industry Visit – PARLE-G, Hyderabad

Faculty accompanied by 120 students reached PARLE-G, biscuit factory located at Saidabad, Hyderabad on 05.12.2019. Mr.Manikanta, Coordinator accommodated them to view an animated motion picture. Students understood the company’s profile with its visionaries, product profile, achievements and other aspects through a comic way of movie presentation.

  1. The company visited is manufacturing only product PARLE-G, glucose biscuits @ 50 tons/day, operating 24 hours on two shifts system basis with 250 employees in the premises. Students felt good in knowing process involved in mass production and its process layout.
  2. Generally product is undergoing SIX stages, namely (Raw material testing, mixing, moulding, cooling, packaging and distribution)
  3. Firstly, we were directed to ROTARY section where product is mixed with ingredients like wheat flour, sugar, edible oil and other forms. In this section product will undergo mixing, cutting and breaking activities .breaking time of a biscuit is 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
  4. After cutting product further processed to OVEN section, factory is equipped by 7 ovens, where different temperatures are maintained. 300 degrees temperature is required to have a product breakup. Ovens are managed on the basis of top temperature, bottom temperature, moisture maintenance, turbulence RPM(Rotations per minute) nozzle index.
  5. Further, product is moved to PACKAGING section where 10 machines are extremely operating for packaging on various sizes.

As a token of gratitude, on behalf of, SMS,GNITC, We expressed our happiness and sincere thanks to PARLE-G.

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s 550th Birthday was celebrated on 9th November 2019 @ GNI

जिसके सिर ऊपर तू स्वामी, सो दुःख कैसा पावे ।

Guru Nanak Dev ji’s 550th Birthday was celebrated on 9th November 2019 @ GNI, With lots of Revere and Fanfare. Kirat Karo Naam Jappo Wannd Chhako (Work hard and honestly, always remember God , and share with the needy) Students from varied culture, traditions, countries and states had assembled to make this 550th Gurupurab a grand success. “Before Becoming A Sikh , A Muslim, A Hindu or A Christian, Let’s Become A Human First.” The Guru Granth Sahibji was brought to the college. The Occasion was graced by Chairman Sardar T.S. Kohli , Vice Chairman G.S. Kohli, Managing Director Dr. H.S. Saini, Director, AD’S, Teaching & Non-Teaching Staffs and the Students of GNI .“Superiority Depends Not On Religion, but on Good Deeds”

Our GNI- NASA team member Mr. Nimesh Khulal Has successfully completed his internship at Nexus Space Development Center, New Delhi.

He Was Appreciated by the eminent dignitaries for his industrious commitment in the Construction Of 5km range rockets. During his tutelage he met former Scientist of NASA Gabe Gabrielle and Sanjay Rathee, CEO of Nexus Space Development Centre. GNI is very proud of his Achievements and congratulates him in making a niche of himself. May today’s success be the beginning of tomorrow’s accomplishments.

City Tour - 2019

“ We didn’t realise we were making MEMORIES we just knew we were having fun.”
GNI- Always Thinks About Students.
The college had taken International and Other State students for Hyderabad Tour as they were new to the City. All the Hub places were covered as well as Prominent places like Birla Mandir, Prasad IMAX, Lumbini Park, NTR Gardens and apart from visiting places students were treated to Delicious Delicacies of Hyderabad.
Overall 65 students and 2 faculties had gone for the Excursion.“ Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

NASA Space App Event 2019

NASA Space App Challenge 2019 pre-hackathon was conducted in Guru Nanak Institutions on 31-8-2019 organized by SUMVN which is 24 hours hackathon. In Telangana state, this event is happening first in GNI. The event is supported by Government of Telangana, StartupIndia, Department of Science and Technology, Invest India, ICRISAT and Outshade digital Media. Around 400 students participated in this event and proved their talent of creativity to build innovative solutions to challenges we face on earth and in space. In addition to the event, 900 students participated in the BootCamp.

Under 25 Summit Event - 2019

The Under 25 summit organized by Guru Nanak Institutions, Hyderabad on 29-08-2019 was a thrilling experience for an audience of 1500 students. The Keynote speaker for the event was Nidhhi Agerwal, The Ismart Shankar actress. She threw light upon on how important it is to follow your dreams.

Independence day Celebrations-2019

On The Eve Of 73rd Independence Day, Our honourable GM Sir, addressed the August Gathering by Inculcating The Beautiful Virtues Of Real Life, Social Skills and Empowering all The Genders, Irrespective Of Caste, Creed, Religion, Race And Cultures. He emphasised that The Making Of A Successful Person is Confidence and Hard-Work as it is the best Medicine to kill the disease called ‘Failure’. Jai Hind .

Graduation and Placement Day Celebrations at Guru Nanak Institutions

Guru Nanak Institutions will be celebrating their 15th Graduation and Placement Day in the lush green campus located at Ibrahimpatnam on 13th July 2019. Chief Guest for this occasion at GNITC will be Dr. Goverdan, Rector-JNTU, Hyderabad and Chief Guest at GNIT is Sri. U. Ramamohan, Superintendent of Police in Cyber Crime in CID, Hyderabad. Guests of honor for this occasion will be Dr. Swamy Pentyala, CEO and Managing Partner of Baker Tilly International, London and Mr. G.R.K. Roop Kumar Raju, Vice-President, Learning, Development & Campus Hire, CtrlS Data Centers Ltd. The chief guests and the guests of honor will confer the merit and other degree certificates to 1520 GNITC and GNIT undergraduate and postgraduate degree holders.

GNI Alumni Meet- Rendezvous 2019

GNI organized Alumni meet for its passed out students on 13th July 2019. This year more than 150 Alumni participated from various parts of India and made the event grand success.Alumni who participated were from companies like Deloitte, Berkadia, Tech Mahindra, FTD, Byjus, Capgemini, Cognizant, Amazon, CtrlS, Cyient, LNT etc. Alumni gave their suggestions and inputs so that GNI grows three folds.

Industry visit for at “INTEGRATED THERMOPLASTICS LIMITED” on 09-02-2019

An Industrial visit to “INTEGRATED THERMOPLASTICS LIMITED” , Medchal has been organized by School of Management Studies of Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus and Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, for 100 students of MBA I year on 9th march,2019 were accompanied by four faculty members, Dr.A.Nageswara Rao, Associate Professor., Mr.G.RajKumar, Associate Professor., Ms.M.Swapna, Associate Professor., Mr.O.Laxmi Narayana, Associate Professor.

18th Annual Day Celebrations

Guru Nanak Institutions, Ibrahimpatnam, a premier educational group established by Guru Nanak Educational Society in Telangana State organised its 18th Annual Day Celebrations on Saturday, 20th April 2019 with fun, humor and entertainment. The institutions’ quality academic performance has earned many laurels including accreditions from prominent bodies of education in India like, UGC, NBA and NAAC


Guru Nanak Institutions, Ibrahimpatnam organized a one day International Event TEDx on Technology, Entertainment and Design on 2nd February 2019 in the indoor AC auditorium in GNIT. This program is sponsored by CtrlS, Gifteria, and hosted by Guru Nanak Institutions.

GNI Ignite 2019

Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus had organized IGNITE 2019, A National level Technical Fest on 18/04/2019. ‘IGNITE’ itself suggests starting a spark in the minds of the students by which they can explore their creative, technical and innovative potential to their maximum extent possible. Students had opportunity to convert their imagination and theories into real and tangible talent and showcase in the various competitions, rekindling their passion.

Alumni Meet in Nepal

GNI organized the Alumni meet on 3rd April 2019 in Indo –Global Foundation, Kathmandu, Nepal.
GNI has taken the Initiation to empower, upgrade and uplift the students from Nepal by commencing for the first time, Alumni of Nepal students in Nepal. The Managing Director of GNI, Dr H.S Saini said,” GNI catalyses and harness the students of Nepal to prosper and flourish by giving them opportunities in all the arenas of Engineering.”

Women's Day Celebrations

Guru Nanak institution has organized international Women’s day on Friday 8th March 2019. The theme of this year is #BalanceforBetter (Better the Balance, Better the world). This day brings many things for women-a cause for celebration, a reason to pause and re-evaluate a remembrance, an inspiration and a time to honor, loved and admired.


Guru Nanak Institutions (GNIT & GNITC), Ibrahimpatnam –organized the eagerly awaited National Level Sports Fest ‘GNI CHAK DE---2K19 “ on 24th - 28h of January 2019 in front of Gametron . This program was sponsored and supported by Guru Nanak Institutions.

GNI Girls Kabaddi Team Secured First Place,out of which 16 Team's are Participated in the Tournament

Guru Nanak institution has organized international Women’s day on Friday 8th March 2019. The theme of this year is #BalanceforBetter (Better the Balance, Better the world). This day brings many things for women-a cause for celebration, a reason to pause and re-evaluate a remembrance, an inspiration and a time to honor, loved and admired.

Higher Education & HR Conclave

Guru Nanak Institutions participated in the Higher Education & HR Conclave at Marriott Convention on 4th and 5th Feb 2019 which was organized by eLets with the support of Government of Telangana. The Conclave was a combination of Panel Discussion and Expo. The event was spread across two days with 7-panel discussions comprising of Government Delegates, HR from top-notch companies and Academia representatives and awards for Best Innovation and Research. The event started with the inaugural address by Mr. Navin Mittal, Commissioner, Collegiate and Technical Education Department, Government of Telangana. HR delegates from leading companies like Cognizant, EPAM, Tech Mahindra, Aizant Drugs, GMR, Yes Bank, Husys, MoEngage, Genpact, Capgemini, etc.

Republic Day celebrations

India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legends and the great grandmother of traditions. Our most valuable and most artistic material in the history of mankind are treasured up only in India. It took 1082 days to draft the constitution of India in which 389 members were involved. We at GNI celebrated the 70th Republic Day where we believe - Unity in Diversity. The Strength of GNI are the students from Nepal, Sudan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Other States of India who took part in the Celebrations .

Kashmir Youth Exchange Programme at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology

As a part of Kashmiri Youth Exchange Programme conducted by Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), in Hyderabad, a seminar on Career Guidance was conducted on 14th Dec., 2018 at Guru Nanak Institute of Technology followed by cultural events by NSS volunteers of Kashmir, GNIT, SREYAS, AVN and other Engineering Colleges. The Chief Guest of the programme was Dr.Vishnu Dev, State NSS officer, Telangana. The programme was presided over by Mr.Hameed, JDM, DRDA, Dr.H.S.Saini, MD, GNI, Prof. Kedarnath, In charge Principal, GNIT. The Programme was coordinated by Mr.R.Venkatesham, Coordinator, NYK, R.R. District and Mrs.G.Saritha Reddy NSS P.O., GNIT.

“The World Is Changed By Your Example Not Your Opinion”

GNI as a part of corporate social responsibility(csr) had organised as developers in developing the students of “Academic Heights Public School” from samserganj & malakpet branch on 17th november 2018.
The main agenda was to motivate the children to study and bring awareness to enhance, uplift the planet, people and profiting themselves for a bright and prosperous future.
“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action becomes reality.” #@gni

Suni Pukaar Dataar Prabh, GURU NANAK Jag Maahe Pathaya

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Prakash Purab was Celebrated @ GNI on 22nd November 2018. The Occasion was graced by Chairman Sardar T. S. Kohli, Vice Chairman G. S. Kohli, Managing Director Dr. H. S .Saini, Director AD’s,Teaching & Non-Teaching Staffs and the Students of GNI. The Holy “Guru Granth Saheb Ji " was Brought by Sardar Rashpal Singh and his team from Gurudwara Vanasthalipuram .☮ "Tere kismat da likheya Tere toh koi le nahi sakda, je usdi Meher hove te tenu oh v mil jau jo tera Ho nahi sakda" Sukhmini Sahib Paath and Keertan was Recited. Then Prasad was given and Langar was served for all at the convene. "Apne gam di numaish na Kar, Apne nasib di azmaish na Kar! Jo tera hai tere kol khud aayega, Har Roz onnu paan di khwaish na Kar! "Waheguru ji ka Khalsa 🙏🏻 Waheguru ji Ki Fateh 🙏🏻 May Waheguru Shower his blessings on you and may this auspicious occasion of "Gurupurab Bring ☮ Peace, Joy and Prosperity Into Our Life" by Conquerin.

Students of ECE , GNIT participated in various events conducted by IETE Hyderabad Centre as a part of IETE Foundation Day

IETE ISF Student Members and IETE ISF Coordinator Mr. I. Sharath Chandra , recieved appreciation certificates and Winner and Runner up certificates from the Prof. A. Ravikumar, Chairman , IETE Hyderabad Centre and Sri. K. Jayashankar, Governing Council Member, IETE, New Delhi.

A Report On Industrial Visit To ISRO SDSC SHAR

An industrial visit to SDSC-SHAR (ISRO), Sriharikota has been organized by Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, in association with IETE Students Forum , for 75 students of B.Tech II & III year on 29th & 30th October, 2018 who were accompanied by three faculty members , Mr. I.Sharath Chandra, Asst. Prof., Mrs. N.Laxmi, Assoc. Prof., and Mr. B. Ravi Chandra, Asst. Prof.

N.S.S Wing of Guru Nanak Institutions

N.S.S Wing of Guru Nanak Institutions , initiated a Campaign on Green Diwali and pollution free Diwali to create awareness among the student fraternity and lay man, on the human interference that lead to Global warming and pollution in its manifested forms through cracking crackers, that are not Eco-Friendly.
In this Regard, our Esteemed Managing Director , Director, General Manager and Associate Director released a poster and directed the students, to reap the rich dividends of green Diwali and nature friendly Diwali.

Download Brochure

Trends Miss Hyderabad 2018

Dheera Pisati, a third year computer science student participated in “TRENDS MISS HYDERABAD 2018” where 4000+ applicants have applied from which 23 girls where shortlisted and on October 10 2018 ,Grand Finale was organised at HICC NOVOTEL where our student has got into “Top-10” and won the Subtitle “Miss Beautiful Smile”.We wish her a very all the best and congratulations for her success on behalf of our institution.

Bathukamma Celebrations 2018

The girl's hostel of GNI was vibrant and festive on the evening of 9th October on the occasion of Bathukamma festival. The girls dressed up in traditional wear and prepared the Bathukamma with great enthusiasm. The evening was filled with dance performances by the talented students and the night ended with a great vibe with DJ and dandiya

PHARMACISTS DAY - 25th September 2018 - Pharmacists: Your Medicines Experts

The Pharmacists Day was celebrated at School of Pharmacy, Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus, Ibrahimpatnam Hyderabad on 25th September 2018 under the active guidance of the Vice chairman of Guru Nanak Institutions Sardar Gagandeep Singh Kohli and the Managing Director Dr.H.S.Saini.

Nigerian Independence Day at GNI campus

On 1st October 2018 , GNI students from Nigeria celebrated the Nigerian Independence Day at GNI campus. During the occasion, GNI Director – International Admissions Mr.Natarajan congratulated all the students and prayed for the well being & prosperity of all the Nigerians in the years to come.

On 28/09/2018 "Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji" 111th Birthday anniversary was celebrated at GNI camps, Hundreds of students were participated in the flag hosting.

GNITC Orientation Day 2018

Guru Nanak Institutions organized Orientation Day for the newly admitted B.Tech students and their patents for the current academic year on 21st July 2018.

GNIT Orientation Day 2018

Guru Nanak Institute of Technology conducted Orientation Day for I Year B.Tech students on 21st July, 2018 at the Indoor Auditorium in GNI Campus. Mr. G.S.Kohli, Vice-Chairman-GNI, Dr. S.Sreenatha Reddy, Principal-GNIT, Mr. P.Raghuveer, IFS, PCCF (IT & Publicity), Govt. of Telangana – Chief Guest, Mr P.Srinivas, CEO-Ostillio -the Guest of Honour were present on the occasion.

GNI Managing Director Dr. H. S. Saini along with Mr. Indraman Chhetri, Commissioner, Royal Civil Services Commission, Thimphu, Bhutan and his team

His Excellency Mr. Indraman Chhetri, Commissioner, Royal Civil Services Commission, Thimphu, Bhutan. Visited Guru Nanak Institutions with his team members on 4/7/2018. They met GNI – Managing Director Dr. H. S. Saini and other officials of the college who had briefed them about the various Infrastructure and other facilities available to the students at the college.

NASA honored GNI students

NASA honored GNI students M. Bhanu Kiran, S. Srinivas and Nibesh Khulal with second place in worldwide "AMES SPACE Settlement - 2018 Competitions". The poster presentation conference will be held in Los Angeles during 22-17 May'2018. Dr. S. V. Ranganayakulu, Dean - R&D is the guide and Dr. Albert Globus is the evaluator of the project.

African Students Association Football Tournament

The annual GNI - African Students Association Football tournament sponsored by GNI Group of Institutions was conducted during the 2nd and 3rd week of March 2018 with a lot of fun and frolic for the participants. Teams from Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia amongst ten teams participated in the tournament.

Street Cause is an NGO comprising of students intent on doing their bit for the betterment of society.

Since its inception in 2009, it has radically grown and is now currently established in 60 colleges across Hyderabad with the objective of helping the underprivileged. Run for a Cause was Street Cause' largest fundraiser of its kind that was conducted in the month of march every year.

Selected once again as a national team for volleyball player under 19

Many Congratulations to Mr. Thakur Akash Singh studying 3rd year CSE, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, for being selected once again as a national team for volleyball player under 19 from 20th to 27 th to play against Bangladesh.

Won the 2nd Prize for NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest - 2018 competitions.

The students of Guru Nanak Institutions Technical Campus (Autonomous) won the 2nd Prize for submitted project entitled “GENESIS – A Space Abde” for NASA Ames Space Settlement Design Contest - 2018 competitions.
Mr M Bhanu Kiran (Mechanical Engineering, 2rd Year); S Srinivas ( Mechanical Engineering,2th Year) and Mr Nibesh Khulal (2th Year CSE) are the team members of the project. Dr S V Ranganayakulu, Dean – R&D is the Mentor for this project.
NASA received 2500 student projects from different parts of the world for these competitions.


Guru Nanak Institutions congratulates its student Ms. Dheera Pisati, 2nd year CSE/ GNITC for “MISS TELANGANA-1st RUNNER UP” in the MISS TELANGANA competition held on 8th March 2018 @ The Park Hotel, Somajiguda after competing with more than 100 girls.
She was awarded with a cash prize of 25000/-. She was also titled as "MISS TELANGANA-BEAUTIFUL EYES”. We wish her good luck for all her future endeavors.

NSS Volunteers of GNITC and students from EEE (GNITC) Department conducted EEETA Program

NSS Volunteers of GNITC and students from EEE (GNITC) Department conducted EEETA Program on 10.02.2018 at Manchal Government School, Ibrahimpatnam Mandal, Rangareddy .Students were distributed bags, books and stationary items for school children.
This Event was coordinated by Prof. P. Parthasarathy, Associate Director of GNITC Along with EEE Department staff.

5K Run Health Awareness program

NSS Volunteers of GNITC Participated in “5K Run Health Awareness program” Organized by Yashodha Group of Hospitals in collaboration with GNI on 04.02.2018 from SaroorNagar Indoor Stadium to kothapet, Hyderabad.
NSS Program Officer Mr.O.RamaKrishna (GNITC) and Mr.Harishankar Coordinated this event.

Won Volleyball National Level UNDER-19 Cup

Mr. Thakur Akash Singh studying in Guru Nanak Institute of Technology(GNIT) 3rd year CSE won volleyball Tournament at National Level UNDER-19 Team Telangana,

Guru Nanak Institutions Students Visit Leading Universities in USA

20 students of GNI visited USA from July 13 to July 27, 2016. This was third educational trip of GNI to USA’s leading institutions. Visas of all students were processed based on invitations from these universities under student exchange program with GNI. Most of students received 10 years visas.

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